"Jesus versus who?" you're probably rightly asking. Here's some info about Adi Da (real name Franklin Albert Jones, aka Da Free John, Bubba Free John, Da Loveananda, etc):

Adi DaAdi Da is the charismatic and controversial leader of the Adidam movement. … His original community was known as the Dawn Horse Communion, then the Crazy Wisdom Fellowship, and it has had several other titles … Adi Da claims to be God incarnate and says he was born into a fully enlightened state … [He] pursued Eastern religions [after college] … His followers believe he dwells in a state known as "Bright" [and that he] "is the only complete Incarnation of the Divine" … Ex-members have accused Adi Da of drunkenness, sexually abusing others, and living a life of splendor. … Funds are often raised through auctioning of Adi Da's possessions among his followers. In one auction the starting price for a Q-tip used by Adi Da was $108. (From the book Religions A-Z, James A Beverley)

Both Jesus and Adi Da claim to be God incarnate. Let's look briefly at just a few of the differences:

  • Jesus performed public miracles. Jesus peformed many public healings, feeding of the 5,000, etc. Adi Da's "miracles", such as a "brilliant corona that stood around the sun for a full day", were not even observed at the time by his own followers.
  • Jesus was not a hypocrite. Jesus practiced what he preached, and was considered sinless (1 Peter 2:22). Adi Da, however, has a very different interpretation of how he should act. Here's what Adi Da has to say about his behavior (which includes numerous sexual abuses, etc): "The way that I teach is not the way I am, but the way I teach. What I speak is not a reflection of me, but of you. … All that I do and speak only reveals men to themselves. Those who remain confounded by me, critical of me, have yet to see themselves." Sounds like hypocracy to me. Here's a transcript of an NBC report on Abi Da's lifestyle. As above, Adi Da has also been described by many ex-members as engaging in many immoral practices.
  • Jesus fulfilled prophecies written hundreds of years earlier. Jesus was prophesied about in many passages such as Isaiah 53. No prophecies speak of Adi Da.
  • Jesus lived an unselfish life. Jesus came from a poor family, had "no place to lay his head", and did not take special privileges above His disciples. Adi Da on the other hand lives a life of luxury in lavish mansions with fancy cars, while doling out only paltry sums to his followers who live with him. (See the previously linked NBC report.)
  • Jesus died and lived again. The evidence for Jesus' resurrection is compelling. Jesus willingly gave up His life. As Paul says, "God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)

This is only a small sampling of the vast gulf that differentiates the two. All this said, we must be careful to note that Jesus was not "just a good man". As C.S.Lewis said, He did not leave that option open to us. Adi Da thinks (or at least tries to convince other people) that he is God incarnate … Jesus said the same, and backed up His claim.

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