🕆 Why Faith?

What happened to the content?! Once upon a time I wrote a blog here. That blog is now gone. I haven't added anything new in years, and more importantly, haven't gone back and re-read things I wrote in years past to confirm I still agree with the content. Nothing was removed because I'm embarassed by it or anything like that, I would just rather people get good content elsewhere since there are many ministries doing great work online, two of which I'll recommend here: Reasonable Faith and Stand to Reason.

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament is a free e-book that is still hosted here, since I think most of the content is still accurate and relevant and it may be useful to people as an introduction to the subject even though it's over ten years old now. It's available here:

Read: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament 2nd Edition (PDF e-book, 2010)

Coming soon(ish)? I have an idea for some new content to put here but it may not appear for a while, hence this simple landing page.

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