I can see that this ridiculousness is probably going to be fairly big. Already the old Da Vinci Code Blog was spammed by someone advertising the official website. (Posting twice from the same IP within minutes under different names.)

So I made up a page explaining some of the many problems with the James Cameron documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus", aka "Jesus Family Tomb". It contains links to several other pertinent resources on this topic. Click below to read it:

Feel free to pass the link around, copy it to your own site, hang it on your fridge, whatever. :) I'll work on it some more later when I have more time; this is a "preliminary" version. We already went through this once with the lamentable Da Vinci Code, and now it's started all over again …

Related reading: In addition to my page linked above, a "Top Ten" list has been posted to Christian Newswire: Ten Reasons Why The Jesus Tomb Claim is Bogus: Leading Scholars Say Discovery Channel 'Documentary' Makes for Good TV, Bad History and Bad Science