Was pointed to this photo today re Christopher Hitchens' book God is not Great:

God is [not] Great

Nice job Target employee, whoever you are.

I'm reading through Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion and hopefully will be able to make comments here soon on each of its chapters. I'm making notes as I read, and being careful to note the things I agree with and the points where I disagree. It bothers me when I read a review of a book where the reviewer feels the need to try to refute every single thing the author says. Did they really not say anything of value? It's somewhat disconcerting to say that I disagree with a guy who teaches at Oxford and has a PhD and everything, but as Sideshow Mel said, "My opinion is as valid as the next man's!" 😀 And of course Alister McGrath, holder of two PhDs from Oxford (one in molecular biophysics, the other in theology) who also teaches at Oxford, has already written a book in reply: The Dawkins Delusion?

In the meantime, if you're interested in a short review of Dawkins' book check out Skeptical Christian's review of The God Delusion.