Some friends of mine recently completed work on their first professionally produced music CD! The Hymn Remix project "was born of a desire to teach and inspire passion toward the deeper Christian life: we seek to revive, refresh and remix the timeless tunes and diction of traditional hymns with the musical styles of the present generation."

Here's the first single (?), listen to it! Check out the rest of the songs online at iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon MP3 (USA only), and Rdio. You can also buy the CD at the website.

I just added a new page: Both Scientists & Christians. It's a list of doctorate-holding scientists who are Christians. It's very incomplete … I started the list while I was doing some research for my article Science & Religion: Competitors or Companions? and figured I should post it online in case anyone finds it helpful.

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament eBookJust wanted to note that tonight I finally completed my updates & additions on my free eBook, titled The Historical Reliability of the New Testament. It is still a work in progress, but having completed the one new chapter and the epilogue, I figured I'd release it again and dub it "Second Edition" since this is a fairly major update.

So, download it now! :)

Neat :) Check Christian Colleges' "Top 100 Theology Blogs" … I guess this is incentive to update more often!

Note: Any correlation between the list linked above and the quality of the blogs contained therein may be purely coincidental 😀

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