I just added a new page: Both Scientists & Christians. It's a list of doctorate-holding scientists who are Christians. It's very incomplete … I started the list while I was doing some research for my article Science & Religion: Competitors or Companions? and figured I should post it online in case anyone finds it helpful.

I was responding to a comment on Power to Change's website just now and had this thought … not sure if this argument is valid, sound, cogent, etc, but I think it's at least interesting. I'm quite certain I must've read it or heard something like it before but I'm not sure where.

An attempt to argue that naturalistic systems of morality are innately inferior to theistic systems:

Any naturalistic morality system is ultimately unjust, and therefore immoral. Here's why: Human beings rightly crave justice, and any system of morality that is unjust would be by definition immoral. But if there is no afterlife (and therefore no final accountability for a person's actions), then life itself is ultimately unfair since good deeds will often go unrewarded and bad behavior will often go unpunished. Therefore, only a moral system that includes an afterlife (and by implication, God) where justice regarding a person's actions can be appropriately meted out can be just. Any moral system that does not is immoral and therefore deficient.

A new article I wrote is up on the Power to Change website, click below to read it. :)

Five Things Science Can't Explain

None of this is meant to criticize science! There’s nothing wrong with the scientific method for testing the kinds of things it was meant to test. However, it would be a mistake to expect it to be able to test everything. There are more intellectual tools available to us than just science, and as the old saying goes, when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail!

I started thinkin' bout
The rest of my life
What kind of fool
Doesn't think about it?
You'd have to be a fool
Not to think about it

Sloan – The Rest of My Life

Agreed! Today would be a great day to finally start thinking about the rest of your life.

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