Oh brother ...I was going to write up a commentary on Pat Robertson's most recent vague, eyeroll-worthy 'prediction', but fortunately Stand to Reason's Melinda Penner has already written up a brief commentary that expresses my own concerns about Mr. Robinson quite succinctly:

Robertson has given us no reason to believe that he is [a prophet] – especially given the poor track record of his past prophetic utterances. … When we use God's name, we should evaluate whether it will bring God honor or ridicule, whether we have the proper authority to use it.

This is really, IMHO, an example of using God's name in vain (Exodus 20:7), as Melinda also notes in her article. I don't doubt that prophecy is still possible, but that doesn't mean it is in any way frequent. Sometimes when we read the Bible (which by nature records uncommon, atypical events) we get the impression that miracles were, and should still be, happening on a continuous, almost daily basis. But that is not the case; the incidents of prophecy and miracles were recorded precisely because they were the exception to the norm.

(BTW, yeah that's me in the pic above; edited from an old picture taken about 3 years ago.)

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Nativity StoryTruthMedia has started a new blog to discuss movies, Movies at Currently the focus is on The Nativity Story, a film that "follows the life of the Virgin Mary and Joseph over the two-year period immediately prior to the birth of Jesus and several years afterward" (from the Wikipedia article). After watching the trailer, I'm excited to see this movie. While The Passion of the Christ was rather disappointing (for both style and theological reasons, although there were some great moments in it) The Nativity Story looks like it should be a great film, and early reports seem to confirm this. Search out this film when it opens in theaters December 1, or if it's not playing in your country, find a way to see it!

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Woah!News source: USA Today, 'Jury awards $11.3M over defamatory Internet posts'

A Florida woman has been awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana woman who posted messages on the Internet accusing her of being a "crook," a "con artist" and a "fraud." Legal analysts say the Sept. 19 award by a jury in Broward County, Fla. — first reported Friday by the Daily Business Review — represents the largest such judgment over postings on an Internet blog or message board. Lyrissa Lidsky, a University of Florida law professor who specializes in free-speech issues, calls the award "astonishing." … Scheff [plaintiff] says she wanted to make a point to those who unfairly criticize others on the Internet. "I'm sure (Bock [defendant]) doesn't have $1 million, let alone $11 million, but the message is strong and clear," Scheff says. "People are using the Internet to destroy people they don't like, and you can't do that."

Of course the $11.3 million award is ridiculous but the precedent set here is clear. A good reminder to think twice about whatever I (and you) post online!

Music pirate?News source: Pirating Songs of Praise (via Religion News Blog)

Apparently many feel quote "conflicted" about 'sharing' Christian music … Here's a quote from the article that rather shocked me:

Take Matthew, a 13-year-old who attends Hewes Middle School in North Tustin and attends youth programs at nearby Red Hill Lutheran Church. Asked if it’s wrong to take songs for free, he answered: “No, because the artists are making billions of dollars anyways.” Another kid at Red Hill, 16-year-old Mike, a student at Beckman High, said that music is beyond commerce or at least beyond the cash register: “They should give it away ’cause it’s art anyways.”

Okay, so I've downloaded some pirated music in my 'day. I also own nearly 200 legit CDs so I'm no slouch in supporting the music industry. And I have deleted all (or at least almost all?) of the pirated music on my computer. What do you think about "file sharing"? Do we agree that the kids above don't "get it"? Is anyone teaching morals in church anymore? (Or how about some basic philosophy for that matter, so kiddies will know when they're making dumb arguments like those above?)

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