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The Historical Reliability of the New Testament eBookNote: The format of the Amazon version isn't perfect yet, I'm still tweaking it, but once you get past the cover and table of contents you'll be fine. :)

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Is the New Testament a reliable historical document, or just a bunch of myths? Philosophers Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli claim that loss of confidence in the reliability of the Bible is "by far the most widespread intellectual reason why Christians have lost their faith in the twentieth century." This is tragic, because there are good answers to the challenges made against the New Testament and good positive evidence for its reliability! Although this ebook is not a comprehensive treatment on the subject (nor is it meant to be) it provides a summary and outline of reasons why we can be confident in trusting the biblical text and many of the cited resources are excellent reading for those who would like delve deeper into this topic.

Now in its "second edition" with a new chapter, epilogue, and many updates and additions!

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