Why do Christians (including me, by the way) believe that Jesus came to voluntarily give up His life? More importantly, why should you, a modern, intelligent, thinking individual, believe this? The Four Spiritual Laws is an approach developed by Bill Bright that aims to present the gospel message and clearly and simply as possible. Check out the Flash below to see it, or view it in HTML if you can't view the Flash.
If you have questions after viewing the Flash, please feel free to contact me, or try some of these resources for answers:

If you want Jesus to start working into your life today, all you have to do is ask. God has already initiated the converstation, but it's up to us to reply. Speak from the heart; I might recommend something like this:

God, thank you for what You have done for me. I believe You sent Jesus to die for my sins instead of me and that Jesus rose again to give me a new and clean heart. I invite You into my life. I will follow You all the days of my life. From this day forward, I will live for You alone. Amen.

You are never alone in your faith! If you accepted God into your life today, please continue to this site, where others are available to help and encourage you in your new faith. Congratulations, your journey begins anew today! (And of course you're always welcome to contact me too!)