Note: This list is no longer being updated. Please see for the up-to-date list with more info, bios, photos, etc. Thanks!

This is a very incomplete list of just a few top-notch scientists who are also Christians, listed alphabetically by last name. Note that I don't necessarily agree with everything each of the people listed believes, ex, Polkinghorne.

The list only includes people with earned doctorates in "hard" sciences, like biology, chemistry, physics, math, but not psychology, sociology, law, etc. I have also included doctorates in the philosophy or history of science. For those unfamiliar with the nomenclature, a DPhil (or ScD) degree is usually considered equivalent to a PhD. For example, the University of Oxford awards DPhil degrees.

Note that this list does not aim to prove anything about the truth of Christianity, it merely suggests that Christianity and science need not be foes as it is so often portrayed in popular media.

Denis Alexander – Chemistry
PhD Neurochemistry , University of London (King's College)
icon_video_small Video: Science and Faith: Friends or Foes? (BMS World Mission, November 2013)

James N. Anderson – Computer Science
PhD Computer Simulation , University of Edinburgh
PhD Theology , University of Edinburgh

Edgar H. Andrews – Physics
PhD , DSc Physics , University of London

Francisco J. Ayala – Biology
PhD Biology , Columbia University

Ruth Bancewicz – Biology
PhD Genetics , University of Edinburgh

Ian Barbour – Physics
PhD Physics , University of Edinburgh
DD , Yale Divinity School

Stephen Barr – Physics
PhD Physics , Princeton University
icon_video_small Video: Physics, the Nature of Time, and Theology (Franciscan University of Steubenville, 2011)

David J. Bartholomew – Statistics
PhD Statistics , University College London
icon_video_small Video: Victor Stenger's Scientific Critique of Christian Belief (Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, University of Cambridge, 2010)

Michael Behe – Chemistry
PhD Biochemistry , University of Pennsylvania
icon_video_small Video: Evidence of Design from Biology (University of Toronto, 2013)

John A. Bloom – Physics
PhD Physics , Cornell University
PhD Ancient Near Eastern Studies , Annenberg Research Institute
MDiv , Biblical Theological Seminary
icon_video_small Video: How the Universe Points Toward a Creator (Saddleback Church, 2012)

Raymond Bohlin – Biology
PhD Molecular & Cell Biology , University of Texas at Dallas
icon_video_small Video: How Biology Points Toward God (Saddleback Church, 2012)

Walter L. Bradley – Engineering
PhD Materials Science and Engineering , University of Texas at Austin

Cullen R. Buie – Engineering
PhD Mechanical Engineering , Stanford University
icon_video_small Video: What Is Your Faith In? God, Science, and Self (Tufts University, 2012)

Christopher Cagan – Math
PhD Math , University of California, Los Angeles
MDiv , Talbot Theological Seminary (BIOLA)
PhD Religion , Claremont Graduate School

Ben Carson – Medicine (Neurosurgeon)
MD , University of Michigan Medical School
Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (highest civilian honor the USA awards)
Subject of full-length movie "Gifted Hands" retelling his life story, played by Cuba Gooding Jr
Awarded more than 50 honorary doctorate degrees
icon_video_small Video: National Prayer Breakfast 2013 (Washington DC, President Obama present, 2013)

Robert W. Carter – Biology
PhD Marine Biology , University of Miami

Joan Centrella – Astrophysics
PhD Astronomy , University of Cambridge

Dorothy Chappell – Biology
PhD Biology , Miami University (Ohio)

Paul Chien – Biology
PhD Biology , University of California at Irvine

Francis Collins –  Chemistry
PhD Physical Chemistry , Yale University
MD , University of North Carolina
Former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (sequenced the human genome)
icon_video_small Video: The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence of Belief (California Institute of Technology, 2009)

Russell Cowburn – Physics
PhD Physics , University of Cambridge

Catherine Crouch – Physics
PhD Physics , Harvard University

William Dembski – Math, Philosophy
PhD Math , University of Chicago
PhD Philosophy , University of Illinois at Chicago
MDiv , Princeton University

Satyan Devadoss – Mathematics
PhD Mathematics , John Hopkins University
icon_video_small Video: God, Math, and the Multiverse (California Institute of Technology, 2011)

David DeWitt – Biology
PhD Biology , Case Western Reserve University

Don B DeYoung – Physics
PhD Physics , Iowa State University

Sharon Dirckx – Neurology
PhD Brain Imaging , University of Cambridge
icon_video_small Video: Why? Looking at God, Evil and Personal Suffering (OCCA Oxford, 2012)

Jonathan Doye – Chemistry
PhD Chemistry , University of Cambridge

George Ellis – Physics
PhD Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics , University of Cambridge

Stephen Freeland – Biology
PhD Genetics , University of Cambridge

David Glass – Physics
PhD Theoretical Atomic Physics , Queens University Belfast
MA Philosophy , Queens University Belfast
icon_video_small Video: Design in Biology & Physics (University of Cambridge, 2012)

Guillermo Gonzalez – Astronomy
PhD Astronomy , University of Washington

Bruce Gordon – Philosophy of Science
PhD History and Philosophy of Science , Northwestern University
icon_video_small Video: What Contemporary Physics & Philosophy Tell us About Nature & God (with Robert J. Spitzer; Discovery Institute, 2010)

Andrew Gosler – Biology
DPhil Eco-morphology , University of Oxford

Deborah Haarsma – Physics
PhD Physics , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Loren Haarsma – Physics
PhD Physics , Harvard University

Mark Harris – Physics
PhD Earth Sciences , University of Cambridge

Brad Harrub – Medicine
PhD Anatomy and Neurobiology , University of Tennessee Medical School

Daniel Hastings – Aeronautics
PhD Aeronautics , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Rhoda J. Hawkins – Physics
PhD Physics , University of Leeds

Katharine Hayhoe – Atmospheric Science
PhD Atmospheric Science , University of Illinois

Antony Hewish – Astronomy
PhD Astronomy , University of Cambridge
1974 Nobel Laureate in Physics

Rodney Holder – Astrophysics
DPhil Astrophysics , University of Oxford

Sir Colin Humphreys – Physics (Head of Materials Science & Metallurgy dept)
PhD , University of Cambridge
DSc (Honorary) , University of Leicester
icon_video_small Video: Religion and Science (The British Library)

Ian H. Hutchinson – Nuclear Science, Engineering
PhD Engineering Physics , Australian National University

Randy Ingermanson – Physics
PhD Theoretical Physics , University of California, Berkeley

Pierre Gunnar Jerlström – Biology
PhD Molecular Biology , Griffith University

Stuart Judge – Neuroscience
PhD Neuroscience , University of Keele

Robert Kaita – Physics
PhD Nuclear Physics , Rutgers University

Bryan Karney – Engineering
PhD Civil Engineering , University of British Columbia

Michael N. Keas – History of Science
PhD History of Science , University of Oklahoma

Carl S Keener – Biology
PhD Biology , North Carolina State University

Donald Knuth – Computer Science
PhD Math , California Institute of Technology
Author of "Art of Computer Programming," referred to as "The bible of all fundamental [computer programming] algorithms"
icon_video_small Video: Authors@Google: Science & Faith (Google Headquarters, 2009)

Denis O. Lamoureux – Biology , Dentistry
PhD Biology , University of Alberta
PhD Theology , University of St. Michael’s College
DDS Dental Surgery , University of Alberta

John Lennox – Math
PhD Math , University of Cambridge
DSc Math , University of Wales, Cardiff
DPhil , University of Oxford
icon_video_small Video: God vs Science? (Stellenbosch University, 2013)
icon_video_small Video: Does Science Need God? Q&A (University of Michigan, 2013)

Arthur C. Lind – Physics
PhD Physics , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jason Lisle – Astrophysics
PhD Astrophysics , University of Colorado

Ard Louis – Physics
PhD Theoretical Physics , Cornell University

Ernest Lucas – Biology
PhD Biology , University of Kent
PhD Old Testament , University of Liverpool

Heinz Lycklama – Physics
PhD Physics , McMaster University

Alister E. McGrath – Molecular Biophysics
DPhil Molecular Biophysics , University of Oxford
DPhil Theology , University of Oxford

icon_video_small Video: Overcoming the Faith and Science Divide

Robert Marks – Engineering
PhD Electrical Engineering , Texas Tech University

Jim Mason – Physics
PhD Experimental Nuclear Physics , McMaster University

David Menton – Biology
PhD Cell Biology , Brown University

Alexander Metherell – Engineering, Medicine
PhD Engineering , University of Bristol
MD , University of Miami

Stephen C. Meyer – Philosophy of Science
PhD Philosophy of Science , University of Cambridge

Kenneth R Miller – Biology
PhD Biology , University of Colorado

Henry M. Morris , Engineering
PhD Hydraulic Engineering , University of Minnesota

Simon Conway Morris , Palaeobiology
PhD Palaeobiology , University of Cambridge

Paul A. Nelson , Philosophy of Science
PhD Philosophy of Biology and Evolutionary Theory , University of Chicago

Barth Netterfield , Astrophysics
PhD Physics , Princeton University
icon_video_small Video: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God (Unknown location)

Robert C. Newman , Astrophysics
PhD Theoretical Astrophysics , Cornell University

Martin A. Nowak , Biology, Math
PhD Biochemistry & Math , University of Vienna

Don N. Page , Physics
PhD Physics , California Institute of Technology
Post-doctoral work with Stephen Hawking at University of Cambridge

Gary Parker , Biology
EdD Biology & Geology , Ball State University

Perry G. Phillips , Astrophysics
PhD Astrophysics , Cornell University
MDiv , Biblical Theological Seminary
MA Hebrew , Jerusalem University College

William D. Phillips , Physics
PhD Physics , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics

Rosalind Picard , Computer Science
ScD Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

John Polkinghorne , Physics
PhD Physics , University of Cambridge

Vern S. Poythress , Math
PhD Math , Harvard University
MLitt New Testament , University of Cambridge
ThD New Testament , University of Stellenbosch
icon_video_small Video: Why the Beginning is Important, and Why People Fight About It (Patrick Henry College, 2013)

Lawrence M. Principe – Chemistry
PhD Organic Chemisty , Indiana University at Bloomington
PhD History of Science , John Hopkins

Alexander R. Pruss – Math, Philosophy
PhD Math , University of British Columbia
PhD Philosophy , University of Pittsburgh

Vinoth Ramachandra – Nuclear Engineering
PhD Nuclear Engineering , University of London

Fazale Rana – Chemistry
PhD Biochemistry , Ohio University

Michael Ratcliffe – Medicine
PhD Immunology , University of London

Barry Ritchie – Physics
PhD Physics , University of South Carolina

David Rogstad – Physics
PhD Physics , California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Hugh Ross – Astrophysics
PhD Astrophysics , University of Toronto
icon_video_small Video: Scientific Evidence for the Christian Faith (Christ's Church in the Valley, 2012)

Allan Sandage – Astronomy
PhD Astronomy , California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Described as the most influential astronomer of the last half-century. (Telegraph UK)

John C Sanford – Horticulture
PhD Plant Breeding/Plant Genetics , University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jonathan Sarfati – Chemistry
PhD Physical Chemistry , Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Henry F. Schaefer III – Chemistry
PhD Chemical Physics , Stanford University

Jeff Schloss – Biology
PhD Ecology , Washington University

Rupert Sheldrake – Biochemistry
PhD Biochemistry , University of Cambridge

Neil Shenvi – Chemistry
PhD Theoretical Chemistry , University of California, Berkeley

Richard E. Smalley – Chemistry
PhD Chemistry , Princeton University
1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

David W. Snoke – Physics
PhD Physics , University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Andrew Steane – Physics
DPhil Physics , University of Oxford

Brian Stone – Engineering
PhD, DEng Mechanical Engineering , University of Bristol

Michael Strauss – Physics
PhD High Energy Physics , University of California at Los Angeles
icon_video_small Video: Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God (Stanford University, 2002)

Esther Su – Chemistry
PhD Biochemistry , University of Michigan

John Suppe – Geology
PhD Structural Geology , Yale University

Lionel Tarassenko – Biomedicine
DPhil Medical Electronics , University of Oxford

James M Tour – Chemistry
PhD Chemistry , Purdue University
icon_video_small Video: Science & Faith (100 Huntley Street)
icon_video_small Video: Nanotech and Jesus Christ (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)

Charles Townes – Physics
PhD Physics , California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
1964 Nobel Laureate in Physics

Tyler VanderWeele – Health Science
PhD Biostatistics, Harvard University

Troy Van Voorhis – Chemistry
PhD Chemistry , University of California, Berkeley
icon_video_small Video: Is Science Enough? (California Institute of Technology, 2013)

Larry Vardiman – Meteorology
PhD Atmospheric Science , Colorado State University

Tas Walker – Engineering
PhD Mechanical Engineering , University of Queensland

Ming Wang – Medicine
MD , Harvard Medical School
PhD Laser Physics , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Mark S. Whorton – Engineering
PhD Aerospace Engineering , Georgia Institute of Technology

Leslie Wickman – Biology
PhD Human Factors & Biomechanics , Stanford University
icon_video_small Video: Science & Faith: A Spectrum of Views on Origins (Rose Drive Friends Church, 2014)

Jay Wile – Chemistry
PhD Nuclear Chemistry , University of Rochester

Jennifer Wiseman – Astrophysics
PhD Astronomy , Harvard University

Todd Wood – Biochemistry
PhD Biochemistry , University of Virginia

Jeffery Zweerink – Astrophysics
PhD Astrophysics , Iowa State University